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Our Service Testimonial

Our Team Always try to give the best service to all the customer. We are always happy to work with you and our partners. We are already make so many blogger blog and Wordpress blog for our partner all the owner the blog is happy in our service.

MD Abdul Kawser

MD Abdul Kawser

OMG in my opinion they provide best service of the world. Thanks Sayem Tutorial Team

Muhammad Muzammil

Muhammad Muzammil

I am give a order of redesign theme and they redesign this theme is just 1 day. Thanks

Our Service

So many people ask our team what's service we are providing. They please read our service.

Article Writing

Article Writing

Our team write unique and high quality content of your niche. All the content is more then 80% unique.

Blog Setup

Blog Setup

This is our main service we setup stylish a blog for you on wordpress or blogger.

Theme Redesign

Theme Redesign

Our team redesign any public theme and make this unique for you. This service is only for blogger theme.

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What's We Provide In Our Blogger Template Redesign Service
What's We Provide In Our Blog Setup Service


Here You Will Find The Answers Of Your Most Asked Questions From Us

1. Our redesign theme is virus free?

Really this one of the most asked question from us. Google climbed there is no way to install virus on blogger and we are always see the privacy of our customer.

2. Where we host our cdn when redesign any theme?

We use qithub to host our cdn then just extract the raw url by githack. Both site is fully safe (You can also see on the google).

3. We are redesign any WordPress theme?

We are only redesign Blogger template don't redesigned any other script and template.

4. We give any external support?

Yes we give give external support and also fix theme bug.

5. We are give any unique theme on blog setup service?

No we don't give any unique theme on blog setup service if you need any unique theme then you can buy our theme redesign service.